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Published Articles from 2021

As the year is drawing to a close, I thought I would post the articles I've had published this year in one space. I find writing to be incredibly therapeutic so I will hopefully be writing more articles next year.

December 2021

Beware the Insta-Coach?

Inspired by a BBC documentary explaining how unqualified individuals were targeting those seeking mental health support by using impressive social media accounts, I wrote this article for Empoword magazine highlighting the risks individuals posing as Instagram "coaches".

December 2021

Cuffing Season

In the run up to Christmas, this article describes the term "Cuffing season" and gives pointers on how you can prevent yourself from becoming a cuffing causality.

November 2021

How to spot gaslighting

Gaslighting is becoming more and more well known thanks to media coverage, as well as people speaking out about their experiences. In this Counselling directory article, I describe the common signs of gaslighting, and provides a guide on what to do if you feel you being gaslighted.

October 2021

Healing after emotional abuse

Here I give tips on how one can move on from an emotionally abusive relationship. While different coping strategies work for different people, in my experience the general tips provided here have proved to be quite effective for clients I have worked with.

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