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Trauma Therapy 

What is trauma? 

Trauma is essentially unresolved suffering (Carolyn Spring, 2020).

Trauma can be caused by childhood abuse, sexual assault and other distressing events or incidents. Quite often after a traumatic event, it is understandably common to avoid thinking about what happened. 

What is trauma therapy? 

There are various types of therapy than can be used to work with trauma. A common short term treatment you may have heard of is would be EMDR, which consists of the client being taken back to the traumatic event whilst being guided through eye movements and body tapping. I do not offer this form of therapy as I believe that relationship is integral for healing trauma, and that the therapist can provide a safe centre for the client . I follow a more gentle approach to trauma. 

 In my practice, I provide a safe, compassionate space where you can not only process your trauma but have me walking alongside you on your journey, enabling you to feel seen and heard.  I will help you process the traumatic event however we will always go at your own pace. I will never push you into talking about something you are not comfortable with. 

I have extensive experience of working with people who have experienced trauma; not only as a therapist, but in my previous work as a Clinical Practitioner and Recovery Worker in NHS settings.  I have also completed numerous courses and CPD (continuing professional development) on this topic. 

It takes a great deal of courage to seek therapy for trauma, and if you are looking at this page because you have experienced trauma, I commend you for taking the first step to seek help. 

If you feel you would like to have therapy with me please contact me on

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