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Counselling and Psychotherapy with me

More about how I work in North London and Online

We work together towards your goals

When we first speak I will ask what brought you to seek help. It may be that you have suffered a recent loss and want to process your feelings around this. Or you may be in a stressful relationship, that you suspect to be abusive, that has chipped away at your self-esteem, and you are now in a place where you want to to 'find yourself' again. Together we can begin to work on this.  

You may not have a goal 
Or, It may be that you don't have a specific goal in mind, but feel you want something within yourself, or your life to change. I can help you work out what that may be. 

Long or short term

I offer counselling and psychotherapy on both a short term and long term basis. Short term counselling and psychotherapy usually consists of around 8-12 sessions, whereas longer term therapy can continue for months or even years. 

How Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy works

I work integratively, which means I incorporate various types of modalities of therapy to suit you and your needs. For example, I will always draw upon the Person Centred Approach, meaning I will be empathic and non-judgmental, always providing you with plenty of space to share your feelings. However, when appropriate I may follow the Psychodynamic approach, and explore with you how your past is effecting your present. Finally, I may use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and work with you to think about how your thoughts may be negatively impacting your life. 

If you are interested in working with me, please find details here. 


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