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Online and Telephone Counselling 

Ever since the pandemic hit the U.K (and the rest of the world!) in March 2020, therapies offered online and via telephone started to take off. Here I will look at some of the benefits. 

Smart Phone Call
Smart Phone Call

About Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling has become a growing trend. A 2006 study showed that 58 % of participants who had received both face to face counselling as well as via phone, preferred the telephone sessions. 

Here are some benefits of telephone counselling:

  • Accessibility- it doesn't matter where you are, I am able to speak to  you regardless of location. You may live in a busy household; telephone counselling gives you the opportunity to leave your home and speak discreetly.  

  • Convenience-you don't have to travel to see me, which saves time and money.

  • Privacy- telephone counselling provides extra discretion; I am not able to see you, and some find this comforting. In my experience, clients are able to open up and maybe disclose things they may not have in the knowledge that there is that extra anonymity.

If you are interested in telephone sessions with me, please contact me via email/txt/call

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About Online Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Zoom therapy soon became the go to intervention for counselling and psychotherapy throughout the country (and possibly the world) since March 2020. Here are some benefits of online therapy: 

  • It can be comforting sharing difficult feelings and experiences in a space that is familiar to you. 

  • Convenience- It could be said that it is both time friendly (you do not have to journey to meet your therapist) and cost effective (you are not spending money on travel). 

  • Online therapy can provide a gentle first step into treatment, before you may consider face to face therapy. 

Click here to read an interesting article about a journalist's experience with online therapy throughout the pandemic. 

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