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Therapy for childlessness

It may be that you have been trying to have children for years, or it may be that you have found yourself unable to have children through circumstance; but either way, facing a life without children can be an extremely painful and incredibly lonely experience. Many women in this daunting position find themselves facing a life they never planned for or expected, leaving them feeling lost and alone. Or, it may be that you thought you came to terms with the fact you would not have children years ago, but are now struggling with the repercussions of this now you are getting older. Whatever the circumstance, it is likely that therapy for childlessness could be of some help to you. 

There is often a lack of understanding when it comes to childlessness; while it is perfectly possible to have a full and rewarding life without children, quite often, friends, family and even professionals can't quite grasp the enormity of what it means to live without children of their own, or the concept of growing old without offspring.  

Therapy for childlessness can not only provide a safe and understanding space to support you in processing the difficult emotions that you may be feeling, but also help you work towards a meaningful life without children. 

Recommended resources 

Books that I have read and recommend:

Living the Life Unexpected by Jody Day

21 Miles Jessica Hepburn

Women Without Kids Ruby Warrington

Motherhood Missed  Lois Tonkin

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