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Couples Counselling in North London and Online 

What is Couples Counselling and how can it help?

Feeling comfortable, understood and secure in your marriage or partnership is absolutely crucial in order to have healthy emotional wellbeing. At point of considering couples counselling, (usually) at least one of the couple feels they have lost this sense of security, comfort and understanding within the relationship, and quite often these feelings have been replaced with anger, disappointment and hurt. It could be that, as a couple you are struggling to conceive or dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event and/or loss (such as a miscarriage or baby loss). Or, it could be that you are experiencing a loss of trust within your relationship and are feeling immense disappointment following an affair, and want to work out the next steps to take as a couple in order to save your relationship. Alternatively, you could be feeling that you simply don't see things eye to eye like you once used to, and would like some guidance towards how you can reconnect with each other again. This is where couples counselling can help. 

Couples counselling is essentially a safe, non judgemental space to look at the patterns in your relationship, consider how the relationship may be "going wrong" and how it can be put right. I consider your relationship to be my client;  I would never "take sides" or work as a referee. 

The approach I take very much depends on your needs and goals as a couple, I lean heavily upon the Emotionally Focused Therapy model. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is an evidence based treatment, started by Psychologist Sue Johnson and Dr. Les Greenberg which originated in the 1980's. Whilst couples counselling usually aims to change the way couples communicate with each other (and there is a place for this in the couples counselling sessions I provide); however, the Emotion Focused approach aims to do much more than this. EFT aims to help a couple create a more secure emotional bond, as well as building stronger feelings of trust, intimacy and a sense of security within each other EFT focuses on the present; sometimes past events are revisited as they are significant for the history of the couple (for example, a traumatic event), but the present emotions about these events, and what is being felt within the sessions are explored. 

If you would like some professional help to enable you to finally get your relationship back on track, please contact me. 

More information about couples counselling and the EFT method please see below:

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