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Further Training 

Further Training and Continuing Professional Development

As well as my professional Counselling/Psychotherapy qualification, I have also attended a number of additional training courses related to my therapeutic interests and I am always attending new courses with the aim of striving to keep updated with the world of psychotherapy. 

Attachment Training

Attachment Theory  (The Bowlby Centre)

Anxious Attachment: Origins and Repair (The Bowlby Centre)



Suicide Loss Support (David Kessler Training) 

Love, Loss and Parenting is Forever: Parent Bereavement training (David Kessler Training)  


BICA Foundation Course for Infertility Counselling CPCAB Accredited

Self Esteem Training

Supporting Patients with Low Self Esteem & Lack of Confidence (National Counselling Society)


Working with suicide (PESI UK)

Trauma Training

Mental Health and the Body: Treating Trauma (Carolyn Spring Training)

Working with Trauma in a time of trauma

Working with Trauma that has become stuck

Working with trauma triggers and flashbacks

Working with trauma memories

Working with Shame Online Training

The Meaning of Shame in the Treatment of Trauma (PESI UK)

Trauma and the role of shame

Essential Sensorimotor skills and resources for healing shame

Parts, ego states and fragmented selves in shame and self-loathing