Counselling For Relationship Issues In North London and Online

I offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals experiencing issues in their relationships; whether these issues are taking place within be romantic relationships, friendships or family. Relationships with others have a significant effect on our well being, and unresolved issues can have a detrimental effect to our lives. Counselling and Psychotherapy can be a very useful way of working through these problems and can provide you will tools that will help you to move forward.  

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Counselling For Romantic Relationships

While couples therapy can be a great way to resolve problems you find yourself having in your relationship, individual therapy can be beneficial as it provides you with a private space to explore and work on the issues you are facing. 

Common issues in romantic relationships may be: 

  • Infidelity 

  • Emotional abuse such as gaslighting and coercive control 

  • Feelings of 

  • Confusion around whether you feel the relationship is right for you 

  • Questions around your (or your partner's sexuality)

  • General feelings of dissatisfaction in your relationship

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Counselling For Issues Within Family Relationships

No two families are the same and while family units are "supposed" to be the source of love, care , and support, they can also be the source of immense stress. You may need counselling for family issues such as: 

  • Feeling as though your family are controlling

  • Experiencing flashbacks of childhood family events that you find distressing 

  • Long standing difficulties with family members that are causing you distress 

  • Childhood events that are disrupting your adult life

Counselling For Problems With Friendships 

Friends are often referred to as the family that we never had, and as such it can be incredibly difficult to go through a friendship breakdown or difficulties. You may be looking for counselling for friendship problems such as:

  • Dealing with disappointment after a friend has let you down 

  • Feeling rejected by someone you considered a close friend 

  • Feeling as though you have no "real friends" ​

  • Not being able to establish a real "connection" with others

If you feel you could benefit from counselling for relationship issues in North London and Online, please contact me.